Systems control gives you all the benefits of a computer controlled bakery facility.

It is easy reach high production capacity by Memak’s Loading/ Unloading Robot with hygienic environment.

Morever loading unit which is designed by latest technology can be managed by a touchscreen panel and baking situation can be followed via the same panel.

Products are loaded and unloaded on baking surfaces with a perfect timing by the automatic unit. Loading Robot is designed for heavy duty working conditions and service time for many years.

Products are transferred to the loading unit via the belt which handles the dough gently.

Loading belt which is moved on an axle with double channel guides has a certain movement discipline. In addition, movement of the belt can be controlled with millimeter sensibility via the guide systems on up / down axle.

A stainless steel rail is installed on surface of the facility for smooth horizontal movements. Two motors which located on the loading unit drive the system.

Optionally a vacuum cleaner can be attached to the unit to keep clean surface of the Stones. By the way, both hygiene and cleaning process are provided without pausing the system. Furthermore same baking condition is provided for rest of production.

Rest details of our peerless automatic loading unit are as follow; The multifunctional, touchscreen panel that has 250 different baking recipe storing capability can control ovens and loading platform at the same time

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It is easy to interfere to system in case of any demand or problem owing to product remote control system which is developed by our company. Furthermore you can observe the condition of your production via your IOS or Android system based mobile devices.

Remote control is available thanks to internet connection. Thus Memak’s technical crew can always support our customers in case of breakdown, maintenance, handling convenience, service time, and pre-warning before defect.

It can be used for different model and dimensions of ovens thus you can use automatic loading unit in your plant.